Homemade Treats & Cakes for your furkids:

- we use organic ingredients

- freshly made daily

- no preservatives, chemicals & fillers

- pay less & get more

Healthy, nutritious and all natural are keys for baking in Wow Wow Bakery. As fresh ingredients have always inspired people’s diet, and it’s the same when it comes to cook homemade treats for our canine companion.

We enjoy the organic lifestyle, we shops for finest ingredients at health food store and in the all-natural section of supermarket. Wow Wow Bakery designs the best recipe to suite your doggie’s needs. We ensure your doggie consumes no chemicals, preservatives and fillers. All the recipes formulated in our products are intended as a treat not a regular meal.

Just like us, more or less dogs appear to be developing allergies to certain type of food. Please inform us to any possible allergies that your pet may have, we can accommodate any special dietary needs by excluding those ingredients in the treats of your choice.

Due to our products containing no preservatives, therefore, we strongly advise our customers to contact us TWO (2) days in advance in order to cater your great dog with awesome fresh treats in town.

Yummy yummy treats give your pups two paws up! Happy snacking!